Oblomov back in studio

Ilja and Zachar at the Oneiric Studios

Oblomov are currently at work on the new album at the Oneiric Studios in Bologna. Ilja and Zachar still don't know when it will be released, but there may be surprises before an actual date will be decided. The fourth work will have, once again, a precious artwork by Adriano Fida.

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Oneiric Productions!

We signed with Olga's new label

Olga has been our manager since forever, so when Oneiric Productions turned into an acutal label it was obvious, for us, to accept her proposal. There we go! www.oneiricproductions.it

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Oblomov are

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Ilja Ilic

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Oblomovism - Noun (Uncountable)

Indolent apathy. Oblomov +‎ -ism, after the nobleman who rarely leaves his bed in Ivan Goncharov's novel Oblomov (1859).

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